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Interview of Dr Alexander for “Weekend Live” on SABC TV2 – October 2010

How do men feel about going bald?

The head is the most visible part of the body and two thirds of it is normally covered in hair.

A simple balding problem can alter your appearance dramatically and age you by up to 20 years.

This will deal a huge blow to one's confidence and self-esteem and impact negatively on both the work and social fronts.

People that have previously been confident achievers with a zest for life have been known to become withdrawn and depressed and in some cases will even stop socialising.

How does society respond to men who are going bald?

Unfortunately, society tends to associate baldness as a sign of age and ineptitude.

The best example of this is seen in American politics. The last elected United States president who was bald was Dwight Eisenhower about sixty years ago!

Balding men have taken to shaving their entire heads to hide the problem as it is much cooler in society to have no hair at all than it is to have hair on the sides and nothing on top.

How do you help balding men at your Clinic?

Here at my clinic in Bedfordview, we are using the latest medical treatments in specific combinations to great effect, not only stopping the balding process, but reversing it as well.

The general public has very little knowledge of the fact that the latest medical treatments will deliver excellent re-growth results in a high percentage of men and women.

The treatment is in the form of tablets and topical lotions which are prescription-only registered medicines that have been through clinical drug trials worldwide where they have been found to be effective and safe to use.